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Proven Track Record

Looking for New Products to Sell  
My company was acquired acquired and I have finished my three-year contract. After a long vacation, I am actively looking for technical products to sell in the US. I can sell in a region or nationally. I have had excellent success with web lead generations.

Skilled at Selling Technology
My last sales job was based on selling embedded processors and associated software applications. A description of that successful a project appears below. I prefer to sell new products but will look at selling established products.

Comments About IT WatchDogs, Inc. - A Sales Success
"In 2003, Gerry Cullen needed a product to sell. Data centers were were well-financed and growing rapidly. Gerry visited data center managers to find what problem was keeping them up at night.

They wanted to know the climate in the data centers - for less than $500 (see picture on right). In six months Gerry's team built the new product. Using SEO techniques and his large account sales, revenue went from zero to almost $3 million in three years, completely bootstrapped. Gerry made the sales happen."   By Jason Cohen, Venture Capitalist.

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